Crucial Things that will Help in Fighting Food Shortage

You may find that a country is in a situation where they do not have enough food to feed their people. In a case where the country does not have food it may lead to the death of many people and animals. The country has to look for ways of providing food for its people. It is important to note that there are many things you can do to Mae sure that there is enough food in the country. The fact is that many people do not have the details on the tips to fighting food shortage. Here is the checklist of the crucial things that you should do when trying to fight food shortage.

One of the things that will aid in fighting food crisis is panting the food that grows those crops that grow in a short time. First you have to do thorough research on those crops that will take less time to grow. It is hard to differentiate those crops that take a short period and those that take a long period. In a period of 2 to 3 months the crops will be ready for human consumption hence you will be supplied to your people.

One of the perfects tips to that will also in the processing of curbing food crisis if making sure that the government will give subsidies. Many those companies that are in food processing pay tax. The government is supposed to ensure that they decrease the tax paid by such companies. If tax is reduced the companies can sell the food at a lower price and to the people will not struggle to purchase the available food. There is that tax that consumers pay when buying food and the government can try to reduce it.

Giving free seeds to the farmers is also another that will help in fighting food crisis. If the farmer get free seed that will not have to struggle growing more food that will feed the country in a time that there is a food crisis. This is because the cash they could have used to buy seed will be used to pay for the labor. It is is the role of the government to make sure that the farmers will get free seeds.

It is also important for the government to ensure that the farmers are educated on using the resources that are available to them when growing crops. Instead of buying fertilizers the farmers can use manure to grow their crops. Because the fertilizer do cost the farmer a lot of cash they can be saving the money they use when purchasing the fertilizer and use manure. Water preservation is also necessary for a time that there is drought in the country. There are many methods that the farmer can use to preserve water but there do not know more about them.

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